Thursday September 27th, 2018 / Projects


Utopia: A intellectual and coherent society. This is the definition of social ideals and the ideal of the ideal society in the future, derived from the principles of abstract justice, equality and humanism.

Our Utopia series: We offer you new utopias in your life which you can invest in yourself mentally and physically with its rich social infrastructure by removing you from the stress of daily life. : Utopia I, Utopia II (Olive city), Utopia III (Panoroma, Lemon Garden, Banana Garden, Orange Garden)

Our Banana-Orange sites are the project of our ÜTOPYA-III series. You can have fun with your family and friends in the social areas. You can have healthy tomorrow by doing sports in sports fields, tennis, basketball and football field in outdoor areas. You can have a quiet and peaceful life with the massage you want. You can enjoy the outdoor and indoor pool by watching the lush garden. You can enjoy your meal with a light water sound by the pool at lunch time.